An Electric Bus is built with the same formation as of the conventional diesel/petrol engine vehicles.

In the Electric buses the conventional Engines are replaced by high powered electric motors & Re-chargeable Lithium Ion batteries. This combination delivers the adequate amount of power to propel a vehicle appropriately.

With the escalation in the Global warming affecting gravely globally. It becomes very important for every individual to participate in controlling the environmental changes. While undergoing researches it was established that an electric vehicle on the road would not only prevent emissions from the vehicles but it will even subside in other kind of pollutions.

Thus the Electric motor built vehicle is established as the best alternative to the fuel run vehicles and extremely high in resulting transference to Climate Control, Easy maintenance, Elimination of regular maintenance & repairs, turning out to be cost effective.

The governments across the world are taking initiatives in introducing the Electric Vehicles and the experts foresee this as one of the best transformation with the time to come.


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The AMS buses are built with a sound vision of existence and penetration. To deliver the best of the product to the end users and its commuters AMS not compromising has partnered with the best and established providers of the aggregates. Belt less gear box, Gearless drive system, Steering without belts, Easily removable battery slot from the side flaps. Super Charge to charge the battery in 40 minutes when compared.

AMS Bus Technology

  • Technology on which the bus is built.
  • Structuring.
  • Aggregates.
  • Operating System.
  • USP.
  • Safety & Comfort.

PM on Electric Buses

Benefits of Electric Bus

The Electric Bus being built with a combination of electric motor and Lithium Batteries delivers the required output with out emitting carbon and toxic gasses like the other conventional fuel operated buses. The Electric bus purely transforms the power to the electric motor from the high capacity chargable batteries thus delivering the desired performance, an environment free of dirt, noise and expensive maintenance.

Support to the Environment

Though all types of Engines are being used in the domestic and commercial vehicles around the world, the environment is maintained well with the outflow of these electric vehicles more on the streets controlling the climatic changes due to engulfing demand in industrial production, increase in motor vehicles, diminishing natural resources, plantation etc.,

Comfort and Safety

Keeping in view of the road conditions AMS has built the buses with appropriate Safety & Comfort being high priority. Built on a Monocoque structure, supported by the Air Supension system, disc & drum braking system.


Augmentation of the Electric Vehicles in the transport industry is the outcome of continuous studies and researches involving costing and maintenance. The Electric buses doesnot require the Oil changing, re fuelling as it is equipped with the motors which has a diversified mechanism of operation. On a regular operations the batteries are just to be charged which is very nominal in comparison with the fuel engine implanted vehicles.