AMS Bus Technology

Designed In house to suit the customer requirement

Our buses are built on a complete monocoque structure enabling them for a steady motion supported by high performance shock absoring suspension system linked with hydraulic steering. Bringing out the best in monouvering the vehicle in the city alongwith highly powered propeller mounted in the middle of the vehicle with an ease of access.


Built on a Monocoque with a tubular structure.


The AMS buses are built with a sound vision of existence and penetration. To deliver the best of the product to the end users and its commuters AMS not compromising has partnered with the best & established providers of the aggregates.

Operating System

Sophisticatedly built & placement of components makes it easy to comfortably assist in operating the vehicle with easy access and maintenance.


Belt less gear box. Gearless drive system. Steering without belts. Easy removable battery slot from the side flaps. Super Charge to charge the battery in 40 minutes as compared to

Safety & Comfort

Keeping in view of the road conditions AMS has built the buses with appropriate Safety & Comfort being high priority. Built on a Monocoque structure, supported by the Air Supension system, disc & drum braking system.